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Orca Micron Ion-X Filter Bag

Orca Micron Ion-X Filter Bag

R 129.00

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MICRON ION-X 200-micron mesh bag is the toughest, most durable media bag on the market today. It has a highly durable double stitched edge giving the bag maximum strength. The bag opens and seals with Velcro, making it the most convenient bag on the market. It is also resistant to chemicals such as chlorine, acids and caustic chemicals.


  • Unique woven mesh allowing maximum water flow.
  • Tough & durable double stitching.
  • Velcro for easy & convenient use.
  • Long life.
  • Resistant to Chlorine, Acid & Caustic chemicals.
  • Dimensions: 120mm x 250mm.

Directions for use:

Put into MICRON ION-X Bag dedicated media like Phospha-Guard Ion-X, Phospha-Guard GFH, Nitra-Guard Ion-X, Diamond-Carbon, or other media. The bag must be closed with Velcro. The point is to use mechanical filter to keep organic wastes from covering the bag. For best results of media penetration use the MICRON ION-X Bag in high-flow area.

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