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Diamond- Carbon ULTRA

Diamond- Carbon ULTRA

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Diamond-Carbon is a truly unique high-capacity, multi-task carbon. Its absorption capacity is unmatched and is used by chemical engineers in pharmaceutical and waste-water treatment applications to soldiers on battlefields in military applications.


  • High-capacity, broad-range carbon.
  • Removed tannins that discolour water.
  • Reduces bad odours.
  • Removes residual dye based medications after treatment.

The secret to Diamond-Carbon’s awesome performance is its composition. Unlike competing products that use only one type of material (anthracite, coco-nut etc…) Diamond-Carbon uses a blend of materials all in one.

This allows it to absorb dissolved wastes across a wider spectrum range than other carbons on the market today. Unlike granulated carbon that tends to pack, Diamond-Carbon has a pellet design that has excellent hydrodynamics and provides superior flow dynamics.

Diamond-Carbon is completely free of phosphates, nitrates, silicates and will not aid in elevating nutrient overload that contribute to unsightly algae blooms. It is also abrasive resistant making it a good choice when using carbon in a reactor.

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