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Back to Nature Slimline Background Amazonas (50A)

Back to Nature Slimline Background Amazonas (50A)

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Slimlines are extra-thin backgrounds. These high-quality backgrounds have an outstanding back-to-nature quality, accurate in every detail. Slimlines take up very little space and are easy to install. These popular backgrounds consist of several elements, having concealed joints, which means they can be placed side by side as often as required.

These backgrounds are suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums, and all kinds of terrariums.


  • Height: 45cm
  • Length: 50cm


The slimline background is designed to be installed straight on the back and sides of your aquarium by means of silicone or equivalent, and if not secure will float in your aquarium, so it needs to be held in place. The sections are made of high density foam and can be cut to size using a normal hacksaw should you need to make adjustments to them.

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