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Aquaforest Hybrid Pro Salt

Aquaforest Hybrid Pro Salt

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Perfect for: 

Soft corals, salt water, NP corals, fish, SPS corals, LPS corals and claims. 

Introducing Hybrid Pro Salt, Aquaforest's most advanced reef salt yet. This salt is designed to deliver the benefits of both salts for delicate reef inhabitants and modern aquarists looking for more natural, probiotic-enriched reefing methods. 

To compensate for absorption differences, Aquaforest has increased the levels of the most consumed micronutrients and trace elements such as strontium and iodine for great stability. 

What makes Hybrid Pro Salt unique?

  • Hybrid Pro Salt incorporates chemically pure, laboratory-made salt with natural sea salt flakes from the cleanest waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. 
  • Proprietary blend of probiotic bacteria to reduce nitrate and phosphate levels while increasing colour intensity and growth potential often inhibited by high phosphate levels. 
  • Has a number of micro and macro trace elements and enriched with the highest quality amino acids and vitamins aiding in immunity and natural metabolic functions. 

This Hybrid Pro Salt formula creates conditions almost identical to those found in natural seawater while having the added benefit of probiotics to help maintain microbiological balance and safely lowers nitrate and phosphate levels. 

Dosage and storage:

  • For best use, Hybrid Pro Salt should be dissolved in RODI water at a temperature between 24-25°C at a salinity of 33 ppt (1.025 S.G)
  • Dissolve 390 grams of salt into 10 litres of RODI water. 
  • Mix for approximately 15 minutes. Once completely dissolved, the saltwater is ready for immediate use. 
  • The dissolved salt should be used up within 3 days. Evaporation changes the parameters of the water, so keep the prepared saltwater tightly closed. If you store it for several days, check the salinity before use. 
  • Store salt in a dry, humidity-free place in a dark place. 

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