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Aqua Illumination Blade Glow

Aqua Illumination Blade Glow

R 4,644.00

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The Blade Glow will fluoresce your tank and help your corals "pop".  Coral Glow features an LED mix that maximises spectral peaks that showcase coral flourescence that can be added to a Blade Grow or supplement your current lighting to find your "just right" perfect combination. 

Glow Spectrum

The Blade Glow is uncompromising in a mission to fluoresce coral. Spectral peaks in the lower range of the blue and upper range of the UV spectrum that stimulate coral fluorescence peaks and bring out the otherworldly colours that make an aquarium glow

LEDs (per cluster)

The AI Blade Glow utilises the latest LED technology from leading manufacturers, arranged to provide the best performance. 

  • 12 - Royal Blue
  • 6 - 430nm
  • 3 - 415nm
  • 3 - 405nm

The Blade Glow is available in 7 different sizes:

  • 12.1in (30.74cm)
  • 21.1in (53.59cm)
  • 30.1in (76.45cm)
  • 39.1in (99.31cm)
  • 48.1in (122.17cm)
  • 57.1in (145.03cm)
  • 66.1in (167.89cm)

EdgeField Optics

Optics are one of the most important components of advanced lighting system. Edgefield technology incorporated into the Blade delivers even PAR, smooth colour mixing and exceptional spread. Edgefield optics, designed exclusively for the Blade, provide an incredible 95 degree spread while achieving unmatched light mixing along the length of the blade. The specular exit surface presents a crisp and natural shimmer in your aquarium. 

Tank Rest Included

For Blades sized up to 39.1in (99.31cm) the Low Profile Tank Rest is included. The tank rest extends up to 4.5inches on either side of the blade (for a total of 9 inches). 

Water Resistant 

Blade is not only versatile but built to last in the harsh environment of aquariums. Blade meets IP66 standards which indicate the highest protection against particles and a high level of protection against water. 

Silent Running

The Blade incorporates a highly efficient heat sink design. Passive cooling means no fan and no air movement or fan noise. This makes the Blade ideal for lighting aquariums in living spaces where less noise is a big plus. 

Simple Built-in Control

All AI devices include smart control standard. Use the myAI app on any iOS or Android device to easily set up or program your AI equipment. 




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