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Epic Aquatics aims to increase the experience for the South African aquascaping community by producing and supplying a large selection of quality fresh water plants all year round. All their plants are carefully selected and monitored to ensure quality products are supplied at affordable prices.


South Africa's only magazine for marine and freshwater aquarium hobbyists. 

  Orca Labs SA

Orca Labs SA is a manufacturer and exporter of wholesale reef care supplies. Their mission – to product reef care supplies of the highest technology. They have developed world-first products which they manufacture and test themselves. Their goal has and always will be to continue researching and exploring the latest technologies, pushing the limits of science to the edge and beyond.


Brush Solutions provides specialised and innovative solutions to virtually any application that utilises a twisted-in wire brush. This has resulted in quality Koi Filter and Koi Spawning Brushes for all you koi lovers out there!