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NYOS True Algae

NYOS True Algae

R 220.00

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The high-quality and genuine organic ingredients in our food can only be obtained with great difficulty and in small quantities which makes us even more pleased to now offer three carefully put together organic soft foods.

A careful compilation of high-quality algae from organic farming (wakame, chlorella, spirulina) makes NYOS  TRUE ALGAE so unique. Your algae-eating fish will be delighted with these soft granules.


  • Contractually monitored and 100% organic certified according to EU-Eco-
  • regulation
  • Raw materials from organic production
  • Guaranteed pesticide- and GMO-free
  • Free of artificial colors and artificial flavors
  • Natural, soft granules high in vitamins
  • Granule size M (0.9-1.5 mm)


  • 120ml / 70 grams

Granule Size:

  • 0.9 – 1.5mm

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