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Dennerle PlantaGold 7

Dennerle PlantaGold 7

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Growth Booster and Nutrient Reactivator

  • Pure Growing Power thanks to Natural Bio-Enzymes
  • For even more plant power
  • Natural organic enzymes activates cell division
  • Reactivates unused plant nutrients
  • Visible improvement even with very good plant growth

The Secret Recipe from the Aquarium Plant Nursery

PlantaGold 7 is a special bio-enzyme compound for even more growing power in the aquarium. PlantaGold 7 helps even beautiful plants flourish even more. Even in aquaria with sparse plant growth, despite fertilisation, it recreates a growth-friendly environment and reliably helps with growth stagnation. 

PlantaGold 7 has Multiple Effects 

Growth booster: Growth stimulator, natural, plant enzymes stimulate cell division. Leaf growth is promoted and the whole plant is strengthened. 

Nutrient reactivator: There is a wealth of valuable, but unused nutrients hidden in an aquarium - in the water, the substrate and the sediment. The unique catalyst function of PlantaGold 7 releases these and makes them available to your plants. This means you can turn your whole aquarium into a single growth motor. 

Dosage and Application

1 capsule in 50 litres of aquarium water every 7 days. 

Pull the capsule in half over the aquarium and sprinkle the powder ideally towards the back of the aquarium in a dense area of planting. The capsule halves can also be put into the aquarium. The powder and capsule materials will dissolve within a few hours. 

Also possible for aquaria with external filters: Put the whole capsule into the suction pipe. 

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